Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mini-Review: nails inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

So the other day I went to Sephora and picked up some goodies that I'm quite excited about, especially since I haven't purchased anything remotely "high end" or "Sephora-quality" in a while (well, except Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I got a full sized on eBay for $8 :D) so this was a fun trip for me.. and my grandma! (Yes, I took my grandma with me to Sephora. Don't judge! She likes makeup too!) The Sephora in my mall set up a "nail studio" which features all these cool nail brands, and I've heard of this brand before because Leesha, or xsparkage, talked about this new thing a while ago - magnetic nail polish. So, I figured I would try it, and the coolest thing is at this Sephora they let you try on all the nail polish right there!

And I have to say - this is literally the COOLEST nail polish I have ever tried!

T H E  D E T A I L S:
Where to
Price: $16 (U.S.), 13 pounds for UK buyers
What is it? Nail polish that is infused with magnetic particles. It comes with a removable cap with a magnet on top and a small crevice where you would put on your skin. Within seconds, it creates a cool wave nail design (the new ones can create a fishnet/diamond design). On nailsinc's website, it says that the iron powder in the polish "gravitates towards the magnet" to create a cool design.
How do you apply it? Apply one coat to all of your nails, then do a second coat nail-by-nail and use the magnet on that second coat. So, I would do my pinky's second coat, use the magnet, then move onto the next nail. Don't use a base coat; the lady at Sephora said it might interfere with the magnetic particles.
Which one do you own? I own Houses of Parliament, the purpley one.

So the big question is ... DOES IT WORK?

Here's a picture of my nails... so let's see...


How awesome does that look?! It's fantastic!

P R O S  & C O N S

  • Extremely fast drying. When I tried it in Sephora, it dried almost instantly, and when I redid my nails for the actual manicure, it dried so quickly. All in all, it took about five minutes at most to do both hands completely with the design.
  • It's so easy - it looks like I painted a base coat of a really dark purple then put a brighter purple on top in a weird wave design. But I didn't - all you need is a second or two with the magnet and you're done!
  • It's really long lasting. My nail polish manicure only seems to last a few days at most, and after the first day there's usually some receding at the nail line. But this has stayed intact so well and it looks amazing.
  • The effect is really cool! The color really pops and it has a very nice duochrome finish.
  • Coverage is amazing as well.
  • It's quite expensive. This is the most I've ever paid for nail polish (the only real reason I bought it was because I had a gift card). At $16.50 it's more than other polishes that are more expensive than, say, OPI or China Glaze. However, I do think that it's more expensive simply because it is a magnetic nail polish, and maybe it's more difficult to make. It is worth the money, though.
  • The color range is a bit limited. There's only 5 colors available - the purple, a silver, a cranberry-red, a teal-green, and a taupey-bronze. All very beautiful, but I really wish they would make more. But, all the colors work for many skin tones, which is a good thing.
I believe that's it! Pros outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Have you tried magnetic nail polish? I know there are drugstore, cheaper versions of this - what are your opinions on those?

-Sara x

Tutorial: Name in Lights!

Hi everyone!

Alright, so I clearly have neglected this blog, but I figured, why not post something? I don't always take pictures of my tutorials, which is why I kind of stopped blogging, and also I haven't had much time at all. But this is another outlet that might be easier to maintain as well, so I'll place the link back on my my main channel, saraxbeauty.

This tutorial is slightly ironic because in my products I regret buying video for the eyes, seen here, and you'll have to dig around a bit in the video to find the exact place, but I mention my "failed" purchase of Victoria Secret's eye shadow in Name In Lights. It's absolutely gorgeous in the pan, as it's like a purpley-silvery-color with silvery gold shimmer. However, it's consistency is not the best, and I mention in the video it's like a pressed metallic pigment that hasn't been pressed well - if you use it dry, you're gonna basically be getting nowhere, because you won't get any product on the brush. You need to use it wet to get any payoff. It's nice but a little difficult to use, but you be the judge of the payoff (:

I hope enjoy this tutorial! Here's the video:

P R O D U C T S  U S E D

  • eyes
    • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    • Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadow in Too Cool
    • Victoria's Secret Shimmer Eye Shadow in Name in Lights, used wet
    • INGLOT Matte 390 e/s, then mixed with UD Naked into crease
    • INGLOT DS 465 e/s - outer lid/crease
    • INGLOT Matte 326 e/s - outer v (similar colors are Handwritten or Mystery by MAC - something that is very a very dark, cool-purpley brown color)
    • UD Virgin e/s as a highlight
    • MAC Aloha! Metallic Pigment Stack - Campfire Stack - Lightest beigy shade just on inner corner
    • UD Foxy e/s - inner corner
    • NYX Slide on Pencil in Jet Black
    • Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #15 (that weird "anthracite" shade)
    • Benefit Bad Gal Lash
    • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
  • cheeks
    • NARS Sin blush (checked on Sephora which one, cause I always get confused!)
    • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle
  • lips
    • Urban Decay High Gloss Saturated Lip Color in Lovechild
This seems like a lot of products, but it's actually really easy to do! Here are some pictures:

Hope you enjoyed it!

-Sara x