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Mini-Review: nails inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

So the other day I went to Sephora and picked up some goodies that I'm quite excited about, especially since I haven't purchased anything remotely "high end" or "Sephora-quality" in a while (well, except Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I got a full sized on eBay for $8 :D) so this was a fun trip for me.. and my grandma! (Yes, I took my grandma with me to Sephora. Don't judge! She likes makeup too!) The Sephora in my mall set up a "nail studio" which features all these cool nail brands, and I've heard of this brand before because Leesha, or xsparkage, talked about this new thing a while ago - magnetic nail polish. So, I figured I would try it, and the coolest thing is at this Sephora they let you try on all the nail polish right there!

And I have to say - this is literally the COOLEST nail polish I have ever tried!

T H E  D E T A I L S:
Where to
Price: $16 (U.S.), 13 pounds for UK buyers
What is it? Nail polish that is infused with magnetic particles. It comes with a removable cap with a magnet on top and a small crevice where you would put on your skin. Within seconds, it creates a cool wave nail design (the new ones can create a fishnet/diamond design). On nailsinc's website, it says that the iron powder in the polish "gravitates towards the magnet" to create a cool design.
How do you apply it? Apply one coat to all of your nails, then do a second coat nail-by-nail and use the magnet on that second coat. So, I would do my pinky's second coat, use the magnet, then move onto the next nail. Don't use a base coat; the lady at Sephora said it might interfere with the magnetic particles.
Which one do you own? I own Houses of Parliament, the purpley one.

So the big question is ... DOES IT WORK?

Here's a picture of my nails... so let's see...


How awesome does that look?! It's fantastic!

P R O S  & C O N S

  • Extremely fast drying. When I tried it in Sephora, it dried almost instantly, and when I redid my nails for the actual manicure, it dried so quickly. All in all, it took about five minutes at most to do both hands completely with the design.
  • It's so easy - it looks like I painted a base coat of a really dark purple then put a brighter purple on top in a weird wave design. But I didn't - all you need is a second or two with the magnet and you're done!
  • It's really long lasting. My nail polish manicure only seems to last a few days at most, and after the first day there's usually some receding at the nail line. But this has stayed intact so well and it looks amazing.
  • The effect is really cool! The color really pops and it has a very nice duochrome finish.
  • Coverage is amazing as well.
  • It's quite expensive. This is the most I've ever paid for nail polish (the only real reason I bought it was because I had a gift card). At $16.50 it's more than other polishes that are more expensive than, say, OPI or China Glaze. However, I do think that it's more expensive simply because it is a magnetic nail polish, and maybe it's more difficult to make. It is worth the money, though.
  • The color range is a bit limited. There's only 5 colors available - the purple, a silver, a cranberry-red, a teal-green, and a taupey-bronze. All very beautiful, but I really wish they would make more. But, all the colors work for many skin tones, which is a good thing.
I believe that's it! Pros outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Have you tried magnetic nail polish? I know there are drugstore, cheaper versions of this - what are your opinions on those?

-Sara x

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