Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nail of the Day: Zoya Vivi

Hi everyone!

RESULTS OF THE PREVIOUS NAIL POLISH: Almost 2 weeks, and not too much significant wear. It receded more at the tip and from the cuticle. But it definitely lived up to its claim!

So I recently repainted my nails, and I'm loving this color. I've been wearing a lot of  blues and purples lately and I just wanted something fun, bright, and PINK! (:

This is Zoya's Vivi, a color I just recently picked up. Check out how gorgeous it is:

This picture doesn't even really do it justice. I can best describe it is a bright, blue- based fuschia-pink with  and a shiny blue reflects in it (not shimmer or glitter, but when it hits the light, it turns it a bit bluer toned). Just checked their website,  and it's definitely a blue-pink duochrome. A really awesome color!

This polish is a bit watery or liquidy, but it wasn't a big hassle to apply. It's extremely opaque (as I'm finding nearly every Zoya polish is like that) and it covered my nails in, you guessed it, one coat. The formula for this one isn't spectacular for applying, but it's doable, and the end result is awesome.

The closest dupe that I own (or at least I think is similar) is Essie's Super Bossa Nova (love the name!). However, I think that is a much darker pink rather than full on blue-pink duochrome. It is a blue based pink though. They're the same price ($8, even though I got mine at a retailer for $6.95) so it's up to you!

-Sara x

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