Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nail of the Day: China Glaze Watermelon Rind

Hi everyone!

Long time no blog! Apologies (: I've been quite busy lately, sorry! I actually managed to paint my nails something pretty awesome (like actually doing some nail art), but I wasn't able to film a tutorial since it was my first time doing it and I forgot to take pictures ): Anyway, I decided to paint my nails one of my most favourite colours ever: China Glaze Watermelon Rind!

This colour is a gorgeous shimmery green that leans a bit on the tealish-blue side. This is from the Summer Days collection released a bit back I think. I've had this colour for a while - I bought it at Sally's for only $5! (You can also find it on discount websites like and, for only $3!)

Natural light, 2 coats - ignore the bit unevenness, I did this at 11 p.m. in about 10 minutes!

Isn't this colour gorgeous! Perfect for summer, and even fall, because to me, it works because I feel like doesn't lean warm or cool - it can lean both! One of my favourites.

-Sara xx

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tutorial: Disney Princesses - Jasmine!

Hi everyone!

This tutorial took two months... well, I mean that in the sense it took 2 months before I put up another Disney Princess inspired look! I'm really sorry about that - I definitely will do them more often because I really love this series, and Disney! (:

I tried the Jasmine look out about four times before I liked it. Instead of making it crazy, I made it a bit more wearable, incorporating colors of the movie. Hope you enjoy it!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
UD Naked e/s
UD Buck e/s
MAC Espresso e/s
BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 3rd Edition
Stila Color Wheel Palette (LE) - Mint colour (basically, an aqua-mint color with a bit of gold shimmer would work. Perhaps something like Aquadisiac by MAC would work as a dupe.)
MAC Surf the Ocean Metallic Pigment Stack (LE) - seafoam green shade. Pretty much the same colour as the previous eye shadow, but more greenish and shimmery (hey, it's metallic, right? :D
NYX Slide on Pencil in Gold
e.l.f. cream liner in Black (I wouldn't recommend this. It dried out on me and was very difficult to work with. Use a liner that will give a softer, muted appearance, which is why I prefer cream or gel, but this isn't one that is useful.)
Matte black eyeshadow, any for setting the liner
Revlon Photo Ready 3D Mascara in Black

NARS Blush in Sin
NARS Hungry Heart highlighter (anything gold to keep with the theme)

MAC Strange Potion Lipglass (LE) - from the Surf Baby collection last year. Something peachy-pink would work (:


Hope you enjoyed this installment of the Disney Princess series! (:

-Sara xx

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nail of the Day: OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

Hi everyone!

So I was bored the other day and decided to (finally) paint my nails the color I've been dying to get on them! CHANEL PERIDOT! Wait, what? Oh, yeah, that's not what it is... that's just what it looks like! Rather than shelling out a whopping (and I say, extremely overpriced) $25 for nail polish, here's a dupe for it that is exactly the same thing! WOO!

This is OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard, extremely appropriately named and released with the brand new (well, it's been out for a bit I guess haha) Spider-Man collection to tie in with the movie. I have yet to see that movie, btw. (Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield are the cutest couple ever. :D) The reason why Chanel's Peridot was so sought after and such an amazement to the beauty industry was because it was so difficult to dupe at the time it was released last year. There was really no color like it, that had so many different tones in it. Of course, other nail companies jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try and make similar colors (for cheaper, thank god!) and I know there are other dupes for Peridot as well. But I like this one (:

One downfall for this polish is you cannot get away with one coat. It'll be too sheer. (In all fairness, why would you? It's such a beautifully different color, I'd want it to be as strong as possible!) But it is a tiny bit on the thinner, streakier side, which sucks, but it's doable. It'll just take a bit more coaxing to get it to be opaque.

This came in a set of four, since they were sold out of the full-sized bottle, but it was worth it because the other colors in the Spider-Man collection are really nice anyway. (:

I would describe this as a dirty-gold base shot through with earthy green and blue. It is a duochrome and changes when you move your hands, henceforth the awkward pictures of my hands, haha :D

These were taken with a flash so you can see the duochrome.

This was taken in a more natural light with a flash, and it showcases the nails perfectly. See how crazy this color is?!
 See how the nails look a bit green?

I usually never take pictures with the bottle (and it's really tiny because it came in a set, as I said) but I wanted to show how weird the bottle looks. See the blue on the side? Also I positioned my nails this way because you can see the gradient effect it has - blue to teal to green to gold, etc. HOW AMAZING?!

I'm in love with this nail polish. It's just so fun to look at and very different - I own nothing remotely close to it, which is awesome. Seriously, check out this polish, or a dupe for Peridot, it's amazing! :D

-Sara xx