Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Running Gear!

Hi everyone!

Well I should've posted this video a few days ago, but I completely forgot!

So this video is basically me ramblin' all about what essentials you'll most likely need to run in the winter time. Also, now you have an excuse to exercise in the cold (:

Also, mini disclaimer: These are items that I use to help me run in the cold weather. They're also mostly Under Armour. There are, however, many lower priced options that are extremely similar, the same, or even better in many stores (like Target, TJMaxx, Outlets, etc.) Get what works for you! Since I run competitively and I tend to work on building an aerobic base so I can run with speed, I need things that are made for this. If you're running on your own, you can buy whatever you'd like, whether competitive-style clothing or things that are comfortable to go in. When in doubt, go with comfort!

Under Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings ($50) http://bit.ly/sqdpLa
Under Armour Escape 3" Shorts ($30) - I have it in a different color -http://bit.ly/rDNmdY
Under Armour Attack II 5" Shorts ($25) - I have it in a different color again -http://bit.ly/scBJN3
Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Longsleeve Crew ($50) - http://bit.ly/s6qcfW
Under Armour Fleece Hoodie ($55) - This isn't the one I purchasd because it's $5 more and it's fleece, but it is Cold Gear and this is the closest thing I could find. http://bit.ly/s74MED
Gloves! I lost mine, but make sure you have them!
An ear protective thing (mine's from Nike) - Make sure it's for running!
Under Armour HeatGear Socks (2 Pack) ($12) - These are the closest to mine that I found on the website. Mine are actually ColdGear, and I'd recommend those for winter running b/c they are thicker - http://bit.ly/u4dNKl
Mizuno Wave Rider 14 Shoes ($100) - http://bit.ly/odLC4d (For neutral/normal pronation)
WorkSmart CardioTrainer App Info: http://bit.ly/ZA0oR (there's a free version and pro version for $10 - free is fine! This tells you about that app. You need to have something to keep track of your workouts!)

I hope this is helpful for you guys! (:

-Sara x

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